Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In a Matter of Minutes Part 5

Fall was rapidly approaching. I still had no money for college. Time was running out!

While I was working at the library at 50 cents an hour, a bulletin arrived arrived from the Ford Foundation announcing an "Earthquake Relatedness" Scholarship for those who had lost a family member, property, or employment due to the Good Friday Earthquake. I was eligible. The scholarship would cover up to full expenses according to the student's need.

But there was one catch. This scholarship was available only to those attending universities in Alaska. I could not use it at Seattle Pacific College.

Although not what I expected, I knew this was God's answer to my prayers. I decided to apply to the University of Alaska in Fairbanks and immediately felt peace that I had done the right thing. At least I would be able to continue my education. The week before school started that fall, I received my letter of acceptance and a scholarship covering full expenses for the year. And all of my credits transferred.

Not only that, but other needs were supplied. Seward, located in the coastal region of South Central Alaska, has much milder winters than Fairbanks in the Interior. In Fairbanks, winter temperatures often dip to 50 and 60 degrees below zero Fahrenheit for extended periods of time. A fur parka was a necessity then, and I did not have one. A good, moderately priced parka cost around 500 dollars, and I had no money. My scholarship paid for a parka, all my books, and even spending money. When I graduated from the University three years later, the scholarship had covered all my expenses for those years.

God not only met my need. He gave me the desire of my heart. The first week of school that fall of 1964, I met a young man at Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. I married him three weeks after we graduated in 1967. We've been married nearly 46 years now.

I often laughingly say, "God had to send an earthquake to introduce me to my husband."

Has God met your needs in a surprising way?

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