Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Colors of Christmas

One of our favorite activities of the Christmas season is driving around to 
see all the colorful lights that sparkle like gems adorning the houses. 
They inspired me to write this poem:


Silver stands for our redemption,
purchased at great cost.
Red stands for the blood of Jesus,
shed to save the lost.
White stands for the purity of our 
robes of righteousness;
Washed white as snow by Jesus' blood,
we stand in holiness.
Green stands for our Christian growth;
to feed on God's Word is a must.
Blue stands for our loyalty to Christ
in whom we trust.
Purple stands for His majesty;
King of kings is He.
Gold stands for the heavenly place
He has prepared for me.

by AnnaLee Conti

As you enjoy all the colorful lights this Christmas, 
we pray that you will experience the myriad facets
 of the Light of the World, JESUS,
 whose birth we celebrate today.

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