Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pastors Are People Too

The Sunday in 1980 when we moved into the historic Kingsboro Presbyterian church in Gloversville, three families announced that they were leaving the church. Maybe the prospect of church growth in the larger facility felt threatening to them. With a congregation of about 60, that was half our group. That hurt!

One Wednesday evening, Bob felt so discouraged he wasn't sure he could even teach the adult Bible study. The first person to arrive that night, was Emily Spencer--the lady I've written about previously whose daughter had gone missing, the lady who had been miraculously healed of diverticulosis.

"I've been praying for you, Pastor. I brought you something," She handed him a flat, wrapped package.

He opened it and lifted out a vintage wheat-colored knit tie she had embroidered by hand with clusters of wine-red grapes. As he held it up, she explained her choice of colors and pattern. "It reminds me of Communion. Tan is the color of the bread, and the grapes represent the cup."

Tears filled Bob's eyes as he thanked her for her thoughtful gift then poured out his discouragement to her. That night, as the handful of people gathered for Bible study, they circled around their pastor and ministered to him in prayer.

Pastors are people too. They can become discouraged just as all of us do. Sometimes the simplest word of encouragement or thoughtful action is just what he/she needs to lift his/her spirit. How can you minister to your pastor not only in October, Pastor Appreciation Month, but all year?

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