Thursday, December 4, 2014

No Exit!

On my way to church the Sunday before last, I exited I-84 in Newburgh. Immediately, I realized that I had taken the wrong exit. I was being funneled into the entrance to the New York State Thruway. And there were no other options. No exit! I could only head south toward New York City or north toward Albany.

Quickly weighing my options, I headed north. I'd turn around at the next exit, New Palz, at least a twenty-minute drive one way. I knew that way better. I'd be late for church, though. I knew that for sure.

My husband usually drives us to church. Since he is recovering from open heart surgery, that was the first time in a while that I'd driven myself to church, which involves crossing the Hudson River on I-84. The exit we take to get to our church in Newburgh has been under construction for the past couple of years. It is now completed but changed.

The last time I drove myself, I needed to take the Thruway exit to get to Route 300 South. As soon as the car rounded the first curve, I knew it didn't look like the one my husband always drove. Too late, I realized that the previous exit, which used to lead only to Route 300 North now goes to both north and south.

As I drove that long "detour" on the Thruway, I began to think about choices we make in life. Many times we make decision for which there is no turning back. We are committed to a course of action. Fortunately, the only consequence of this wrong turn was being late for church. I missed most of the song service. But other choices have lifelong consequences. Some even affect our eternity.

We really need a guide, a GPS, a map to direct us through this maze we call life. I'm so thankful for the Word of God, the Bible, which is a light to guide our footsteps, a map that leads to eternal life. And the Holy Spirit, our guide, our personal GPS, is always with us to teach us the way we should go.


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