Thursday, December 7, 2017

How to Straighten Out the World

A small boy, filled with all kinds of playful ideas, anxiously awaited his father's return from work. An extra-long day at the office, however, had taken its toll, and the father longed desperately for just a few minutes of relaxation. Over and over again, the boy tugged at his dad's leg with yet another suggestion of something they might do together.

Finally, in total frustration,the father ripped from a magazine a picture of the world and tore it into a hundred pieces. "Here," he said, handing the child a roll of scotch tape, "go put the world back together."

Peace at last, or so he thought. In just a few minutes he was interrupted again. There before him stood his son, holding in his hands a crudely fashioned picture of the world.

"Son, that's incredible! How did you ever do it?"

"It was easy," said the boy. "You see, on the other side of the picture of the world was a picture of a man. As soon as I got the man straightened out, the world was okay too."

Such wisdom out of the mouth of a child!

Over and over in the Old Testament, we read that when God wanted to solve a problem, he sent a man. But the fix was never lasting.

Our Heavenly Father looked down from heaven and saw a broken world--a world that had been shattered into a million pieces by the deadly hammer of sin. But God loved that world. He demonstrated His love in the form of a tiny Baby who would grow up and give His life on the cross to make it possible for us to straighten out. That's the message of Christmas.

"They will call him Immanuel--which means, "God with us"--God in human flesh accomplishing what no other human being can do for us--straightening us out and reconciling us to God.

Now, we are able to help solve this world's problems by sharing the Good News. And when He comes again, He'll make the world all new again too.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

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