Thursday, March 22, 2018

Encourage Each Other

Flying into Pelican Courtesy
When I was a child, my maternal grandparents, the C. C. Personeuses, built and pastored the only church in the tiny fishing village of Pelican on Chichagof Island in Southeastern Alaska. The only way in and out of that town was by boat or by small amphibious airplane.

Born in 1888, my grandmother had learned to travel by automobile, train, and boats large and small in her lifetime, but flying over the mountains and the sea in a tiny airplane that took off and landed on the water tested her faith.

Alaska Coastal Airlines in Juneau c. 1953, where my dad was boss of cargo 1948-1958
When I was about 4 years old, my family flew in from Juneau for a visit. When they returned home, I stayed on for a longer visit. When it was time for me to fly home, my father, who worked for Alaska Coastal Airlines, the seaplanes that serviced Pelican, sent word that he had arranged for me to sit in the copilot's seat for the return trip so I wouldn't be alone.

Flying over the mountains into Pelican (lower left corner)
As my grandmother watched me board that Grumman Goose, the Lord spoke to her heart. "If that child can trust her father enough to get on that plane, then why can't you trust Me, your Heavenly Father, enough to see that you fly safely too?"

From that day forward, my grandmother flew back and forth  from Pelican to Juneau and across the United States many times in planes both large and small without fear.

In Romans 1:12, the Apostle Paul describes how the faith of the Christians in Rome encouraged his faith:

That you and I may be mutually encouraged 
by each other's faith.

In the same way, my grandmother's faith encouraged me many times throughout my life to trust the Lord just as she did. In this instance, my own childlike faith helped her conquer her reluctance to fly.

God's plan for each of His children is that we encourage each other in this walk of faith. Our walk with the Lord can be twice as strong when join with others of like precious faith. 

Who encourages you in your walk with the Lord? Who do you encourage?  

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