Thursday, March 7, 2019

Singing--Part 6: His Hands

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent, forty days of prayer, fasting, and penitence leading up to Easter. While our church does not observe Lent, I don't need Lent to be reminded daily of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God offered to take away the sin of the world--my sin.

Although I had probably heard the story of the Crucifixion prior to the age of five, I was five when I realized that I had sinned and that Jesus had died for me. It was in children's church on a Sunday morning in the church my grandparents had pioneered in Juneau, Alaska. I don't recall the time of year, but I remember clearly asking Jesus into my heart and life at that young age.

A song we often sang in church became very meaningful to me then and throughout my childhood and teens. I haven't heard it sung in many years now, but I still remember it:

He showed me His hands that were marred by my sinning;
He showed me His feet that were nailed to the tree;
I then saw His brow and His side deeply wounded;
And now I love Jesus, and Jesus loves me.

That chorus always speaks to me of how much Jesus loves me. That He would go through so much suffering for you and for me demonstrates the depths of His love for us.

I remember a story of a young orphan boy who was up for adoption. Several men had applied and stood before a judge to present what they could offer the child. One offered him wealth. Another promised him a good education. Finally, the last man, not as well dressed or as well spoken, came before the judge. 

"And what can you offer?" asked the judge.

The man held up his terribly scarred hands. "I offer him myself and my love. I may not be as wealthy or as well-educated, but I love him. I am the one who saved him from the fire that killed his parents."

A hush fell over the courtroom. The judge, choked with emotion, finally spoke. "This man has already proven his love for this boy. He is awarded the right to adopt him."

Jesus' nail-scarred hands prove His love for us. As 1 John 4:19 says,

How can we refuse such love?

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