Thursday, September 24, 2020

Footsteps of Faith Cover Reveal

Here is the cover for my upcoming book, Footsteps of Faith, my faith-building memoir of God's direction, provision, and protection in my life.

Topics include

1. My parents' testimony of traveling from Pennsylvania to Alaska with two toddlers on $15.00 in 1948.

2, Growing up in a missionary family in Alaska in the fifties and sixties where I became aware of my Creator at a young age and learned to trust God to supply all my needs

3. How the Great Alaska Earthquake affected my life  

4. How my husband's experiences in Vietnam led him into full-time ministry

5. How I overcame fear    

6.  How I became a writer and an ordained minister

7. How I learned and grew through life’s challenges

Here are three introductory paragraphs from the Introduction of Footsteps of Faith:

"My story began long before I was born--from French Huguenot martyrs in 1685, whose sole surviving son immigrated to William Penn's colony in American for religious freedom. The limbs of his family tree are filled with missionaries and ministers seeking to spread the Word of God our ancestors gave their lives to protect.

"My maternal grandmother, Florence LeFevre Personeus, gave me a navy blue, hardbound book entitled The Pennsylvania LeFevres. 'This is the genealogy of my family dating back to 1510 in France, compiled by my father, George Newton LeFevre.'

"The lists of names inside reminded me of the genealogies in the Bible, which I usually skipped so I could devour the exciting stories. The book didn't look too interesting until she showed me a picture in it of the LeFevre Family Bible. Smoothing her snow white pouf of hair that framed her delicate features, she related the unforgettable story of the wife of Abraham LeFevre and mother of Isaac, our first American ancestor, who baked the family Bible in a loaf of bread..."

Today, this Bible can be viewed upon request at the Lancaster County Historical Society

and is one of the most requested items from the collection. This Bible belonged to the French Huguenot family of Isaac LeFevre. Sixteen-year-old Isaac survived the massacre after the Edict of Nantes was revoked in 1685 and was able to smuggle the Bible out of France as he escaped with the Ferree family. I was privileged to view it in person on one of my visits to Lancaster County.

My prayer is that the story of my life will encourage and build your faith in God.

Look for further announcements about my soon-to-be released book in the coming weeks. 

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