Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Colors of Christmas

I love all the colors of Christmas:

  • Stained glass windows in churches
  • The many colorful lights that adorn trees and houses
  • Red poinsettias and holly berries, red velvet dresses on little girls in the Christmas program and red bow ties on choirboys
  • Pine green Christmas trees and wreaths, shiny green holly leaves, and powdery green mistletoe
  • Silver tinsel, silver bells, icicles, moonbeams reflecting on new fallen snow, and stars twinkling in the deep blue of the nighttime sky 
  • Gold ornaments and ribbons on gaily wrapped gifts
  • Purple mountains and purple robes on  the Wise Men
  • Pure white snow that transforms the dreary landscape into a glistening winter wonderland
All those colors inspired me to write this poem:


Silver stands for our redemption,
purchased at great cost.
Red stands for the blood of Jesus,
shed to save the lost.
White stands for the purity of our 
robes of righteousness;
Washed white as snow by Jesus' blood,
we stand in holiness.
Green stands for our Christian growth;
to feed on God's Word is a must.
Blue stands for our loyalty to Christ
in whom we trust.
Purple stands for His majesty;
King of kings is He.
Gold stands for the heavenly place
He has prepared for me.

by AnnaLee Conti

As you enjoy all the colors this Christmas, I pray that you will experience the myriad facets of the Light of the World, JESUS, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas.

Merry Christmas! 

Update on Footsteps of Faith: 

Due to the pandemic, the publication is taking a bit longer than I had hoped. The projected released date is now late January 2021. 

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